Let’s get acquainted. We are a team of coaching professionals representing the ICF (International Coaching Federation). We are united by a coaching-based lifestyle, dedication to the highest standards of this profession, and a sincere desire to spread the value that coaching creates. We are delighted to have the opportunity to share not only our thoughts but also solutions that have been developed for you and your business.

We believe that we can experience the transformative power of coaching together.

Business Coaching to Organized & Profitable Business: A Canadian-designed program by Beverlee Rasmussen, CEC, PCC, tailored for small and medium business owners. It ensures that businesses are organized and profitable.

Global Leadership Assessment (GLA) Program: A results-guaranteed leadership development program utilized in the Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coaching process, ideal for current and aspiring leaders.

Individual Coaching Sessions: Personalized sessions for both personal and professional growth, facilitated by actively practicing ICF-certified coaches.

Leadership Skill Enhancement: A process that allows individuals to explore and elevate their management skills, potentially opening pathways to new professional roles or career advancements.