The Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in the UK (LCCUK) is starting afresh with a new president and team after sixteen years of operations in England. Laura Budrienė, an experienced professional with expertise in international business economics, management, marketing, and digital marketing, will lead the organization from February onwards. She aims to unite Lithuanian entrepreneurs in the UK, fostering mutual relations and promoting entrepreneurship among members.

Laura, who has collaborated with company executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and start-ups for over twenty years, is confident that the LCCUK will become one of the largest business organizations representing Lithuanian entrepreneurs in the UK.

“We aim to represent Lithuanian entrepreneurs and encourage cooperation and growth by hosting business and networking events within our community and by building connections with UK and international representatives. We aim to become an inspiring and influential community, creating new opportunities and connections and sharing knowledge. Business is always changing, and everyone, regardless of size or stage, needs to grow, adapt, and move forward,” emphasizes the president.

Under Laura’s leadership, LCCUK will sustain its existing events and introduce innovative projects to benefit its members. Among the initiatives on the agenda is a London-based business conference in the spring, along with regular events such as business breakfasts, seminars, and the traditional Christmas charity event. Additionally, LCCUK will continue to host the Ambassador’s Cup Golf and Tennis Tournament. Budrienė emphasizes the dynamic nature of business and the need for continuous growth and adaptation, promising to cater to the evolving needs of members and the broader business community.

Aistė Callaghan, Pine Consulting business development manager and founder of Matilda’s Lithuanian School in England will serve as vice president of LCCUK. Diana Školaitė will handle accounting, Lina Almonaitienė will lead administration, and Londonietė, the largest online magazine for expat Lithuanians, will manage media, communications, and social media projects.

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